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    Transcend is a powerful application for managing transcripts with ability to review historic and realtime transcripts, either in single user mode or multi user collaborative mode. Transcend has a vast array of features designed to assist the end-user in analyzing sets of transcripts efficiently.

    Key Features

    • Annotation Tools

      Transcend provides various annotation tools, such as issue coding based annotations, quickmarks, issuemarks, automarks, flags and hyperlinks.

    • User Interface

      Intuitive and simple to use, Transcend conforms to the standard Microsoft Windows interface with multiple panes for ease of navigation.

    • Customizable

      Transcend delivers the flexibility to enable users to customize its functionality by adding and removing features on fly.

    • Auto Scroll & Full Screen

      Designed for use with both real-time and historic transcripts, Transcend can be set to Auto-Scroll for effortless reading.

    • Real-Time

      Real-time transcript is delivered to Transcend through serial, LAN/Wifi and over Internet to PCs, Macs and mobile devices.

    • Multiple Languages

      Transcend is designed to support multiple languages such as English, French and German. Users can switch between different languages.

    • Auto Refresh with Bridge Protocol

      Transcend is capable of receiving and handling the corrections from the scopist during real-time. Real-time auto-refresh enables.

    • Navigation

      Transcend assists the users to traverse across the transcript content and markings using various navigation facilities in the application.

    • Search

      Transcend is equipped with various search options, such as: Quick Find, Word Index and Full Text Search.


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    Courtroom Server

    LegalCraft Courtroom Server is a realtime transcript text streaming application. Realtime transcript is received in the courtroom by the LegalCraft Courtroom Server from the CAT System via serial splitter or TCP/IP and is then transmitted to the connected Transcend clients within the courtroom and to remote

    Key Features

    • Instant Messaging

      LegalCraft Courtroom Server facilitates users to interact securely with their group members sitting in the courtroom. This also provides ability to courtroom users to communicate with their colleagues working in their respective law firms.

    • CaseView & Bridge Protocols

      Designed to work with any CAT software as long as the output is in CaseView protocol. This also supports Bridge protocol enabling end users to receive the corrections made the scopist during realtime.

    • Multi-Lingual Support

      Courtroom Server has a proven track record of supporting non-English languages like French realtime.

    • Enterprise Users

      Enterprise users can login to Courtroom Server using their enterprise credentials. This allows the users to interact with their colleagues working in their law firms. This also minimizes the administrative overhead of maintaining multiple user logins

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    Enterprise Server

    LegalCraft Enterprise Server manages the delivery of historic transcript, realtime transcript streams and associated markings between teams of users collaborating within a law firm. Enterprise Server is a multi-threaded, high performance server application that serves remote client.

    Key Features

    • Platform Independence

      Enterprise Server is a platform independent server application that works on various flavors of Windows, Mac and Linux. It can be installed and configured to be run within a few minutes.

    • User Interface

      Enterprise Server provides simple and intuitive interface that allows the administrators to track the users connected to various cases and realtime transcripts. Content of all the realtime sessions can be monitored easily. A section shows the user activities enabling the administrators to support the various users for any authentication issues.

    • Realtime & Collaboration

      Enterprise Server, in addition to supporting multiple realtime text streams from different courtrooms to the users, it also enables the users to interact and share their work. All connected users can work on a single document, securely, sharing only with their group members thereby creating a very efficient collaborative environment.

    • Database

      To minimize the costs of deployment, Enterprise Server was designed to work with open source RDBMS such as MySQL and PostgreSQL, in addition to commercial database systems such as SQL Server and Oracle.

    • Exhibit Linking

      Enterprise Server facilitates users to receive hyperlinks to relevant exhibits on both realtime and historic transcripts. The server can handle linking transcripts with tens of thousands of exhibits with minimal system resources.

    • Performance & Scalability

      Enterprise Server is designed to work with minimal system resources on a server. It has been effectively used in virtualized environments serving hundreds of users. The server is designed to handle multiple cases, with hundreds of transcripts. It supports concurrent realtime streams and at the same time it can efficiently handle full text search and report generation operations.

Enterprise Manager

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    Enterprise Manager

    LegalCraft Enterprise Manager is the management application for the collaborative Transcend system – Cases, Users and Groups are created and managed on the server providing secure access to cases from any web linked device (PC, MAC, iPad, Android etc) – security can be controlled to the transcript level controlling features such as search, view and annotation.

    Key Features

    • Case Store

      LegalCraft Enterprise Manager allows the administrator to create a CaseStore in a database server. The CaseStore stores the application data for the enterprise. Enterprise Server connects to the same CaseStore and provides collaboration and enterprise data management activities.

    • Manage Cases, Groups, Users & Roles

      LegalCraft Enterprise Manager provides a fully customizable environment to the administrators to create cases, user groups, users and their roles. Group level and transcript level security can be defined by the administrators.