How to install Enterprise Server patch

Follow these steps to uninstall Enterprise Server patch:

* Close Enterprise Server
* Launch command prompt as administrator
* Go to Enterprise Server installation folder
* Locate file with UnPatch{VersionNumer}.bat file
* Run it

Choose Yes to proceed with patch uninstallation

Once the batch file terminates, run Enterprise Server as administrator.

Note: Never run the patch file from Windows Explorer.

Transcript import exception (MariaDB): could not send query last packet not finished

This exception is thrown when database insert query has an entry with more than 4mb(default) size.

Increase the size of “Max_allowed_packet” to (more than 4mb) say 10 mb in “my.ini” file

“my.ini” file exists at C:\Program Files (x86)\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.1.

MariaDB throwing exception

When Enterprise Server is connected to MariaDB, you may find exceptions in Enterprise Server log files saying “Too many connections”.

Follow these steps to fix the issue:

* Open MariaDB home directory,
C:/Program Files/MariaDB 5.5
C:/Program Files (x86)/MariaDB 5.5
* Open “data” directory
* Edit “my.ini” file
* In my.ini file under [mysqld] add

Restart MariaDB.

Realtime text lost after end session

Problem: After End Session is done in Courtroom Server, users connected to Enterprise Server is getting a blank transcript while opening transcript

Reason: This is an issue due to Windows User Access Control (UAC) settings. When Enterprise Server is run as normal process, Windows does not allow Enterprise Server to write anything to the installation folder of Enterprise Server, rather creates files in user’s profile folder.

Resolution: Always run Enterprise Server as administrator. To do this, right click on Enterprise Server icon and choose Run as Administrator.

Courtroom Server unable to connect to Enterprise Server running on SSL

Courtroom Server by default creates plain connections (non-SSL) to decrease communication load between Courtroom Server and Enterprise Server, as many Courtroom Servers are connected to internet with dial-up connections.

To enable Courtroom Server to establish secured connection to Enterprise Server, use the following steps:

* Close Courtroom Server
* Goto Courtroom Server’s installation folder (default – C:\Program Files (x86)\LegalCraft\Courtroom Server or C:\Program Files\LegalCraft\Courtroom Server)
* Open the file server.props from the installation folder using any text editor
* There will be a line


Change it to


Save and close the file.

Start Courtroom Server and it will … Continue Reading

Transcend log file locations

Transcend Suite log files can be found at the following locations (assuming default installation path):

Courtroom Server:

C:\Program Files (x86)\LegalCraft\Courtroom Server\Log

If Courtroom Server is not run as Administrator, log files can be found at the following path:

C:\Users\<<UserName>>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\LegalCraft\Courtroom Server\Log

Enterprise Server:

C:\Program Files (x86)\LegalCraft\Enterprise Server\Log

If Enterprise Server is not run as Administrator, log files can be found at the following path:

C:\Users\<<UserName>>\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\LegalCraft\Enterprise Server\Log

Web Enterprise Manager:

C:\Program Files (x86)\LegalCraft\Enterprise Server\EMLog

Transcend (Windows version):


Transcend Mac version:


Extracting log files from iTranscend (iOS) application

Perform the following steps to get log files of iTranscend (iOS) application:

Launch iTranscend application on your device (iPad or iPhone)
On the CaseStore screen, choose Actions button on right top
Choose “Manage Support Logs” item from the action sheet
You will get list of available support logs on the device (the current log file will be displayed in Blue)
Select the required support logs by tapping on the file name
Tap on the EMail button on right top of the popover

Mail application will be launched with the selected log files compressed and attached to the mail.

Note: Please check the log files for any confidential … Continue Reading

Getting MSI for Transcend

If you have the installer executable (Transcend-, then you can get the MSI by using command prompt. Use the following steps (Transcend version 3.7 and above only):

Launch command prompt by running CMD.EXE
Move to the location of the Transcend setup file (ex: CD C:\Installations)
Run Transcend setup with the following command:

Transcend- /Extract

The above command extracts the Transcend MSI and all dependencies the a folder “Files”. It contains “LegalCraft Transcend.msi” which is the main Transcend installer.

Transcend is taking more time to login to Enterprise Server

Problem: Transcend is taking more time to login to Enterprise Server

Applies to: Transcend 3.0 and above


Unblock EDS port (default: 7883)

Enterprise Server 3.0 comes with another built-in server, Enterprise Document Server (EDS), which off-loads handling of documents related operations and some other tasks from Enterprise Server.  EDS runs on 7883 by default (this port can be configured using Enterprise Server’s UI).

When Transcend tries to login to Enterprise Server, they will try to connect to EDS also.  Administrator need to unblock the port for Transcend to connect and get data from EDS.  If the port is blocked, Transcend will take more time … Continue Reading

Transcend Installation and Uninstallation command line parameters

Following are the list of parameters supported by Transcend installer/uninstaller (version 3.5 and above only):


msiexec /i “msi path” [PIDKEY=key] [WORDPLUGIN=YES|NO]

PIDKEY – Transcend license key
WORDPLUGIN – If supplied, it decides whether LegalCraft Transcend Word Plugin should be installed or not

Silent installation can be performed by adding /quiet paremeter (standard MSI property)

msiexec /quiet /i “msi path” [PIDKEY=key] [WORDPLUGIN=YES|NO]



REMOVEDATA – If supplied, decides whether user data should be deleted or not.
REMOVESETTINGS – If supplied, decides whether Transcend settings to be deleted or not

Caution: Deleting User data or settings cannot be undone.

/quiet parameter is supported during uninstallation also

All keys … Continue Reading